This Advice was last issued on Thursday, 30 April 2015.   An Australian Defence Force aircraft is scheduled to arrive in Kathmandu on Thursday afternoon (30 April) with capacity to transport Australians requiring assistance to depart Nepal from Kathmandu to Bangkok. Priority will be given to the elderly, people who are sick or have pressing medical issues and families with young children, but all those who wish to depart should register their interest in this flight (see under Local travel).

  • Our bulletin for Australians in Nepal has information on departure options via Australian Defence Force aircraft and what to do to stay safe. Australians in Nepal are encouraged to leave at their earliest opportunity.
  • A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April 2015. The epicentre was 80 kms west of Kathmandu. Extensive damage has occurred to buildings, including in Kathmandu and Pokhara, and avalanches have been reported in the Macchaputre and Everest regions. A large number of deaths and injuries have been reported. Disruption to telecommunications, transport, essential services and infrastructure continues.
  • We advise Australians to reconsider their need to travel to Nepal while relief and recovery efforts are underway. Aftershocks are still occurring and may continue for weeks, creating a risk of further building collapses and avalanches. There are also reports of shortages of food, water and accommodation in some locations.

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