Travel Vaccinations

To purchase any of these products you will require a consultation with your Doctor first

Product Price inc GST
Buscopan Tabs 10 mg (20’s) (Stomach Cramps) $16.00
Diamox (6 tablets) (Altitude Sickness) $3.00
Doryx Caps 100mg (21 days supply) (Malaria) $17.00
Dukoral (Cholera) $68.00
Engerix B Adult (Hepatitis B) $22.00
Gastrolyte Sachets (10’s) $19.00
Havrix Adult (Hepatitis A) $76.00
Havrix Junior (Hepatitis A) $46.00
Imodium Caps 2mg (12’s) (Diarrhoea) $6.00
IPOL (Polio Virus Vaccine) $50.00
Imojev (Japanese encephalitis) (needs to be ordered in) $347.00
Malarone (Malaria 24 Tabs) $130.00
Bexsero (Meningococcal B) (needs to be ordered in) $170.00
Typhoid Vaccine (Oral) x 3 $44.50
Merieux (Rabies) (needs to be ordered in) $129.00
Stamaril (Yellow Fever Vaccine) $116.00
Twinrix (Hepatitis A + B) $84.00
Twinrix Junior (Hepatitis A + B) $54.00
Typherix (Typhoid) $58.00
Vivaxim (Hepatitis A + Typhoid) $134.00